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Yunnan Tuocha Zouji Tuocha rainbow nid-2021

Yunnan Tuocha Zouji Tuocha rainbow nid-2021

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This is the classic Nid in our Zouji series, it is an upgraded product from our previous series made in 2020, not only do we have the same Tuocha-shaped Nid, but we also expanded our products to mini nids, and compressed cake and brick teas.

When our first batch of Zouji Nid launched on the market in 2020, the tea was loved by many tea connoisseurs and it was all sold out in 2 months, the light earthy and chocolate smooth taste amazed many tea lovers. Therefore, when we are developing our 2021 batch, it kept with the same smoothness and light flavour, however, different to the 2020 batch, we used two 2009 tea and one 2019 tea material for this 2021 batch, through the blending of different aged teas, we had developed a new aroma in the matured tea range: lotus flower.

About this batch: the taste of this tea is just as gentle as the soft wind, a girl is picking land otus flowers in a pond, the light floral fragrance is not invasive,but fresh and refined.The tea is smooth and sweet in after-taste.
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