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Yunnan Tuocha Zouji Tuocha nid-2019

Yunnan Tuocha Zouji Tuocha nid-2019

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No matter if it is in the past or the present, the Yunnan Tuocha series' NID had always been the same taste: light, mellow and soothing with a hint of a plum aroma and dark chocolate flavour. The tea materials for each year's batch are different year to year, but, as you may know, this is a type of matured tea, similar to wine, the tea not only needs to be fermented, they will also need to be aged in special cellars, It is through these processes, the different blend can keep the same taste.
To make the tea enjoyable, we choose tea materials that are at least aged 3 years. Once the NID was compressed, we will put them back into our cellar for a little time to make sure that the tea taste like it should.

We also keep letting the tea sit in our cellar to continue its aging process, therefore, you will be able to taste the batches made in different years.

About this batch: when this year's NID first compressed, it was with a distinct chocolate aroma,like a young man, full of strength. However, through aging, this full-bodied tea had become to change, the chocolate aroma is long gone, only left with a mouthful of mellowness, the long after-taste in your mouth is clean and sweet, round and smooth.

what made this tea special: This series of NID had also been known as "xiao fa tuo", which means "sell France Tuocha", this series started selling in France in 1978, and since then this NID is the most consumed Yunnan tea in Europe.
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